How  Parents Can Contribute to Bettering High School Experiences

How Parents Can Contribute to Bettering High School Experiences

Upon graduating from public schools and enter into the high school environment, young adults seem to automatically become far more independent. They are not expecting as much input from their parents when More »

Tips on Helping Students Transition into High School

There are many different milestones that both parents and children experience throughout a child's time in school. Of course there is that memorable first day of school. Then perhaps the next most significant event is when they graduate from grade school and enter into High School. This is a big transition for both the parents and children More
  • Getting the Best out of the High School Years.

    • Young adults that are in high school are often at that age where they have to make a lot of decisions that they may not be quite ready for. At least not during the first year of school. This is the time where they need as much moral support as they can get. This can come from their parents, adults that they look up to and respect, as well as the More »
  • Why is Choosing the Right High School So Important?

    • Parents have a big responsibility when in comes to overseeing their children's education. Once they are ready to enter High School, the kids want to have a say in which school they will attend. This is the time when they are starting to set their goals towards their future careers. At the start of their first year in this new level of education they may More »
  • What Policies Should One Look For In a High School?

    • Choosing the right high school may be one of the most important tasks for young adults finishing their elementary education. As such, there is a lot that they much consider when making this choice. It is a big decision for so many young people. One of the things that they really need to take a look at is what policies the school has in place More »