Are School Uniforms a Good Thing?

A lot of High Schools have a uniform policy and for many of the kids that attend these schools they find that there are some advantages and disadvantages to this.

The Advantages of School Uniforms

school-uniform19One thing that many of the kids like is that they don’t feel as though they have to compete with the other kids when it comes to their clothing. This takes a lot of peer pressure off of them.

Some parents like the use of school uniforms because they find it more affordable to invest in uniforms rather than having to buy an entire school wardrobe of attire for their young ones who grow and whose taste changes regularly.

Many of the kids that are attending a well known high school take pride in wearing the school uniform. It brings a sense of recognition for them.

The School faculty finds that the uniform wearing creates a lot less hassles for them. They don’t always have to be approaching students who they feel are not dressed appropriately for the classroom setting.

Students in general feel a sense of unity with the other students as they are all dressed in the same attire and are not being judged by what they are wearing.

One of the added benefits is there is no hassles with getting ready for school in the mornings. No time is wasted on what has to be chosen for the day’s wear.

The Disadvantages of School Uniforms

There are some young students that feel that the school uniforms adversely affects their overall appearance. This is sometimes true for the young ladies that are dealing with excess weight. If part of their uniform happens to be a pleated skirt they feel this accentuates their extra weight. This can contribute to a low self esteem.

Students who like to express themselves with the attire they wear don’t get the opportunity to do so when they are required to wear a school uniform.

While there seems to be more advantages to disadvantages, the cons against the uniform wearing are quite important.